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"Before You Go"

Before You Go is the title track off the upcoming Full Length EP, Conjectures which will be released in 2019.

A Personal Note From Julia: 
“I began writing for the new EP, Conjectures as a means to chronicle snapshots of grief. Working in hospice, I was inspired by the concept of “holding space”, simply put being present, being there emotionally, mentally and physically. Saying goodbye is never easy, though often we ask for just a few more moments, to “stay a little longer” before the final farewell. I attempted to capture that feeling and concept on this recording. Inspired by artists such as Brandi Carlile, Julien Baker, and Gregory Alan Isakov,  Before You Go packs a punch musically and emotionally with powerful vocals and rich instrumentation.”

Recorded at Sovereignty Recording in Minneapolis
Recorded and mixed by Justin Muffett of Sovereignty Recording
Mastered by Greg Reirson of Rare Form Mastering

Julia Christi Ann: Acoustic guitar, Vocals, Keys
Michael Rustin: Electric guitar
Dan Stewart: Bass
DJ Landwehr: Drums
Charlie Peterson: B3 Organ,Keys

Long Bio –

Julia Christi Ann (known by friends and family as Julia Engebretson) is a native of Minneapolis, MN’s Northeast neighborhood, honoring her background in music therapy and reverance for musical heroes such as Patty Griffin, Dolly Parton, Eddy Arnold, and Vince Guaraldi by holding space for listeners to laugh, cry, and connect as she masterfully weaves nostalgia-inducing vocal performances around lyrics ripe with grief, loss, and experientially-gleaned wisdom for life’s social complexities. Julia’s self-produced debut EP, “Conjectures”, recorded at Northeast’s own Sovereignty Recording, mixes her love of old with an equivalent affection for her peers (Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Julien Baker), resulting in a timeless musical soundscape embedded with lived-in perspectives on topics relevant to people in every period and place.

Short Bio – 

Minneapolis native Julia Christi Ann, singer-songwriter with roots in classic country and Americana folk, with a splash of blues for good measure. Julia’s soulful voice is dynamic and inspiring as she writes from a place of grief and hope.


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Photo Credit: Laurel Goulson

Photo Credit: Laurel Goulson
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